Service profile
  • We monitor a number of TV stations nationwide, 1500+ newspapers, 2000+ magazines, thousands of news websites, covering almost all major media and
    industries in China.
  • Our monitoring has further expanded into broadcast media and overseas media, such as the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America.
  • Our service is to distill the information you need from the vast media world, and provide you with a full range of intelligence monitoring, collation, analysis, management, distribution and other services.
Our services include
  • - Traditional media
  • - Social media
  • - Translation service
  • - Press release monitoring
  • - Monitoring of crises and emergencies
  • - Ads monitoring
  • - PR events monitoring
  • - Monitoring of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • - Broadcast monitoring
  • - Online Media Monitoring
  • - News monitoring (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and Internet)
  • - Press monitoring
  • - Monitoring of industry information (policies and regulations, industry news, technology trends, etc)
  • - Media Analysis
  • - Competitors’ news monitoring (product launches, marketing strategy, financial reports, financial news, HR news, crises)
  • - Providing media monitoring in Asia Pacific, Europe, America and other countries through reliable long-term overseas partners
Newspapers, magazines monitoring
(Mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Overseas)
  • Scope: Mainland China 1500+, HK 300+, Taiwan 200+
  • Scope: Mainland China 1500+, HK 300+, Taiwan 200+
  • Daily report to customers on requirements, including crisis alert, real-time report, etc
  • Deliver in requested formats: jpg / word / excel / pdf or tailored 
  • Media list can be added if required 
  • Provide services via e-mail, online systems, print, CD, etc
Social Media and Online Media Monitoring
  • Monitor networks, Weibo, blogs and forums
  • Real-time monitoring (alert once important industry news or negative information appears 
  • Brand, negative news, competitors monitoring
  • Post nature: Headline, time, media, section, author, views, replies
  • Cover 1000+ websites
  • Can be integrated into Newspeedo with print and broadcast media
Broadcast Media Monitoring
  • News and ads monitoring
  • Radio and TV recording please provide channel name, date, time, and program name
  • Cover hundred Radio and TV stations in Greater China
  • Provide tapes, CD, VCD, DVD and links for FTP download
  • Provide monitoring reports and translation service
Media Analysis
  • Analyze various factors regarding the quantity and quality of reports
  • One-stop analysis and statistics on newspapers, magazines and online media
  • Rankings of fashion brands
  • Highly customized reports based on customer demand
  • Edit by senior media analysts
  • Provide daily statistics, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual analysis reports
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