Precise Media Monitoring Customization Services
Newspapers, magazines monitoring
(Mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Overseas)
Scope: Mainland China 1500+, HK 300+, Taiwan 200+
Daily report to customers on requirements, including crisis alert, real-time report, etc
Deliver in requested formats: jpg / word / excel / pdf or tailored 
Media list can be added if required 
Provide services via e-mail, online systems, print, CD, etc
Social Media and Online Media Monitoring
Monitor networks, Weibo, blogs and forums
Real-time monitoring (alert once important industry news or negative information appears 
Brand, negative news, competitors monitoring
Post nature: Headline, time, media, section, author, views, replies
Cover 1000+ websites
Can be integrated into Newspeedo with print and broadcast media
Broadcast Media Monitoring
News and ads monitoring
Radio and TV recording please provide channel name, date, time, and program name
Cover hundred Radio and TV stations in Greater China
Provide tapes, CD, VCD, DVD and links for FTP download
Provide monitoring reports and translation service
Media Analysis
Analyze various factors regarding the quantity and quality of reports
One-stop analysis and statistics on newspapers, magazines and online media
Rankings of fashion brands
Highly customized reports based on customer demand
Edit by senior media analysts
Provide daily statistics, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual analysis reports
Room 5001, Block B, Liye Building, East Majiapu Road, Yangqiao, Fengtai District, Beijing

Tel: +86 21 31001336 
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Room 403, 405, Quxi Road No.809, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 31001336 
Fax: +86 21 31001336
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Shen Yang
Nan Jing
Chen Du
Hang Zhou
Guang Zhou
Complaint:+86 21 31001336 ﹝Nationwide﹞
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